Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Emergency Operations Center

Foresight Construction Group was tasked with the design and construction of an emergency operations center on the island of Nevis-St. Kitts, located in the Caribbean Islands. The building is intended to house the operational and administrative functions of the Nevis Disaster Management Department and includes offices, conference rooms, operations room, and kitchen, dining and restroom facilities, along with mechanical and electrical systems allowing for the uninterrupted operation of the facility’s mission during and after a natural disaster. The facility is a gift from the United States government to the government of St. Kitts.

Foresight’s scope of work included the design and construction of the 50’ x 80’ pre-engineered metal building with heat, ventilation, power, data, lighting and potable water; protection of existing retaining wall; installation of new septic system including holding tank and drain field and relocation of existing containers; new asphalt paving and striping; and furnish and install new generator and automatic transfer switch.

This project involved complex logistics upfront, including the coordination of the project with a foreign government through the United States Embassy, incorporating St. Kitts’ local subcontractor base, complying with local building codes and barging in most building materials from United States or surrounding islands.