University of Florida Miscellaneous Projects – Continuing Minor Projects Annual Contract for General Contractors

Since 2009, Foresight has held a contract with the University of Florida to provide the university with construction services for campus-wide projects. The contract is intended to simplify and expedite the execution of general construction projects under $200,000. Projects are located throughout UF’s main campus in Gainesville, Florida, and at IFAS facilities throughout the state.

A number of these projects have been renovations to the university’s veterinary and medical laboratories and related facilities, including:

  • Health Science Center
  • Cancer Genetics building
  • Sid Martin Biotech facility
  • McKnight Brain Institute
  • Florida Biologix facility
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Large Animal Hospital – Intensive Care Unit and holding area
  • Small Animal Hospital – Surgical Unit

Many of these projects have required the implementation of measures to prevent contamination of the renovation area and/or surrounding space, including: creating physical containment zones with barriers, placing HEPA filtration devices in the work area, creating and maintaining negative air pressure within the space, and enforcing gowning and degowning procedures.

As with most of our projects, all construction activities are performed to minimize interference with normal facility operations and to ensure the safety and comfort of facility operators, patients and guests.