NAS Jax P659 Hangar 511 Renovations and Demolition of H113, H114, and H115

Foresight Construction Group was awarded this design-build renovation project to create a new tug lane at fully operational Hangar #511, located within the secure perimeter of the airfield and operational flight lines at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The work involves minor demolition and reconstruction at the hangar airplane bay 6, office and work areas, and building exterior. Site improvements include new sidewalks and concrete service drive.

Foresight’s scope of work also includes the hazardous material abatement and complete demolition of Hangars 113, 114, and 115, each 54,000-square-feet in size. The hangars were originally constructed in the 1940’s to support World War II missions and are considered historic properties. In addition to the actual structures, the demolition includes the removal of facility slabs and apron, foundations and all underground utilities.