U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, FRCSE B168 EOTS Workcenter & HVAC Renovations

This project consisted of the design-build renovation of the first and second floor test-and-repair shop areas of Building 168 onboard NAS Jacksonville. The mechanical scope included the replacement of specific HVAC system components, distribution ducting to supply new workspace configurations, and the demolition of abandoned equipment and utilities.
Work included but not limited to the following:

  • Demolition and modifications to existing HVAC system
  • Replacement of existing 185 ton air cooled chiller C-1 along with all associated pumps, equipment and apparatus
  • Demolition of abandoned chiller C-2 along with all associated pumps, equipment and apparatus
  • Demolition of three abandoned high pressure AHU’s
  • Installation of five chilled water AHU’s (1 through 5)
  • Demolition of existing chilled-water computer room air conditioner Leibert Units CRU-1 and replace with new AHU-7
  • Demolition/replacement of the existing DX Split system (AHU-A) with a new 30 ton chilled water AHU (12000 CFM)
  • Demolition of the existing window A/C units
  • Installation of complete DDC mechanical control system
  • Independent system Test and Balance

Electrical work included the installation of new electrical receptacles for all new HVAC equipment including raceway, wire, disconnects, and breakers, and subsequent removal of existing electrical risers and receptacles from first floor areas.