University of Florida Constans Theater Air Handling Unit T2 Replacement

This project consisted of the complete demolition of the existing air handling unit and associated piping, ductwork and controls servicing UF’s Constans Theater; installation of new Air Handler Unit along with all associated hot and chilled water piping, condensate piping, ductwork, mechanical controls, and electrical to guarantee a fully operational system; and replacement of the fire protection system within the mechanical room to provide full coverage. New access doors to mechanical room were installed and floors and walls were painted with an epoxy coating. Test and Balances of the mechanical systems were conducted to ensure their proper functionality.

The mechanical room is located on the second floor of Constans Theater, creating extreme challenges in accessing the work area. The existing AHU and replacement unit was fully disassembled and unit parts carried up vertical openings. Additionally, the site itself offered no space for parking or construction laydown area, so off-site accommodations and careful coordination with material deliveries were required.