Who We Serve

From government to institutional, to higher education, to healthcare, we operate within the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. We serve these regions from our Gainesville headquarters and Tampa and Jacksonville regional offices.

Aviation/ Transportation

In the Aviation and Transportation sector, we understand the time sensitive and mission-critical nature of projects. To best support these clients, we drive an efficient and timely construction process to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations for transit guests and officers.

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Buildings in the commercial space are among the most widely used and “lived in” environments. Our goal is to collaborate with owners, designers, and end users to refresh and create spaces that are innovative and inviting.

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Federal Government

As a trusted partner of the Department of Defense, our team understands the stringent standards required for operation on Federal projects. We operate with extreme confidentiality and ensure compliance throughout all phases of construction.

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We know the impact of healthcare stretches far beyond the physical buildings. Our promise is to work diligently to create and support safe environments for patients to receive care and medical professionals to continue their work in saving lives.

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Higher Education

With our very first project being work on a college campus, we are not strangers to the unique challenges university work can bring. We understand the importance of scheduling against tight deadlines and have the expertise to successfully complete projects on occupied campuses.

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The industrial sector stands as the backbone of modern society, powering our economies, and shaping our urban landscapes. Our industrial projects not only reflect top-tier construction expertise but also our commitment to building infrastructures that fortify the future.

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When working on K-12 projects, we keep in mind that these are the same buildings our children will learn and grow up in. We strategically schedule projects to minimize disruptions to the learning environment.

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Municipal Government

Constructing projects in the Municipal Government sector allows us the unique privilege to contribute to shaping our local cities. Our highest aim is to build sustainable communities that encourage growth, promote unity, and capitalize on potential.

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