Tampa International Airport (TIA) Welcome Feature

Foresight Construction Group was awarded the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA) Welcome Feature project located at the entrance to the Tampa International Airport (TIA). The Welcome Feature is the first project of the current HCAA Capital Improvement Program to be awarded to a minority-owned firm.

The project includes the new construction of a 30’ wide lit monument to serve as a welcome feature for incoming airport visitors along the inbound George Bean Parkway at the Memorial Highway entrance to the Tampa International Airport.

The site has undergone significant modification with a new retaining wall on the west side of the median and the finished elevation raised approximately four feet. New landscaping and irrigation has been installed and existing parkway light poles relocated.

This highly visible project right at the airport’s entrance required heavy logistical coordination and maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) plans to ensure successfully project delivery. Constant communication with the client and other project stakeholders was key.