NAVFAC | Fleet Readiness Center Renovations and Additions on Four Facilities

Fleet Readiness Center Renovation Exterior

This contract is comprised of four separate Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) projects packaged into one solicitation at Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, FL.

NDIC-Scan Facility Project – Construction of a 4,241 SF new Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) C-Scan facility for Fleet Readiness Center’s (FRC) CSCAN Operations. The facility is a one-story pre-engineered metal building with heat, ventilation, power, data, lighting, potable water and Fire Protection system. It was constructed within an active secure area for FRCSE.

LCF NDI 794 Addition – Construction of a 3,250 SF free-standing addition adjacent to the existing Building 794. The facility is an Eddy Current Inspection (ECI) Facility. The facility is a one story pre-engineered metal building with HVAC, power, data, lighting, lightning protection, fire alarm/mass communication, smoke control, fire sprinkler and bridge crane.

Building 797C Addition – Construction of a 3,984 SF addition to the existing facility building 797C for Fleet Readiness Center (FRC). The project consists of doubling the size of the existing building by adding on a matching pre-engineered metal building to the backside. The addition has full service including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, lighting, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, lightning protection and communications.

Building 506 Lightning Protection Repairs – This was a design-build project which consisted of modifying the existing lightning protection system on Building 506 to protect helical antenna roof-mounted structures. This was achieved by installing three new lightning protection masts to create a zone of protection. The existing lightning protection system was brought up to current standards and provided a UL certification.