This was a multi-disciplined, multi-site project to perform repairs of government facilities following the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico in 2017.

The first project site (Phase A) was at the U.S. Navy’s Radio Transmitter Facility (NRTF) complex in Aguada, Puerto Rico. Work included clearing and cutting 1000 LF of trees and undergrowth along the northwest perimeter of the site. Pressure wash, prime and paint the main building, antenna building and guard shack. Repair and replace 900 LF of galvanized steel post and fabric fencing at the Primary Entrance, Secondary entrance, and Main Compound and six (6) locations adjacent to the Antenna Guy Anchors. Fill, compact, add topsoil and sod for 50 LF of adjacent concrete ribbon footing at the Main Compound fencing. Install 15,000 SF of asphalt emulsion seal coat on the installation access road, driveway, and parking area within the main compound. Clear, grub, compact subbase, install geo-fabric and a 6-inch thick compacted base aggregate material 30,000 LF over various areas of the site, including  perimeter road and antennae support anchors. Contract modification #1 added disposal of asbestos-containing materials and comprehensive full-scale hydrostatic testing of flood barrier systems to our project scope.

The second project site (Phase B) was the U.S. Navy’s Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar (ROTHR) site in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Work included the repair of 200 LF of erosion along the North perimeter. Repair/replace 1,955 LF of galvanized steel post and fabric fencing. Provide/install 10 standard parking blocks. Install exterior plaster siding at two locations on the exterior of the main building. Install two exterior lights over exterior doors to match existing. Re-secure a support arm for an antenna for existing communications equipment, replace the associated fixture and replace associated electrical power connection. Straighten the existing power poles between the existing substation and the ROTHR site and installed new guy wires, as necessary. Pressure washed, primed, and painted the main building. Contract Modification #1 included the installation of fire-rated door to our scope of work.